Exploring FAQs: Common Inquiries

These questions can help you gain a better understanding of my capabilities, expertise, pricing, and the overall process involved in working together

For 15 years I worked as an second shooter and assistant for many well-known commercial photographers and directors in New York City. I’ve been exposed to many different styles and shooting techniques. Nothing beats hands on experience.
My studio is home an extensive inventory of equipment. I probably have it or I can get it.
After I am done shooting I deliver final images in less than 5 days. But this all depends on the extent of the retouching needed. Video content takes about 5-10 days.
Absolutely. I can run up to 3 sets at once with a larger crew operating and styling the sets.
Glad you asked! I always ask to have a marketing meeting with my clients before we start production. Creativity starts at this point and this helps guide the art direction. As a seasoned professional I have many tricks up my sleeve.

I specialize in set building, lighting, and rigging, all of which are essential skills for capturing product and food photography at its best.

I have a discerning approach when it comes to selecting individuals to edit my work. I am highly selective and choose to collaborate exclusively with a handpicked group of talented individuals who possess a profound understanding of my artistic style.

Absolutely. I have a couple of location scouts that I really like working with in addition to knowing a lot of commercial landlords in Westchester County.

No… but not to worry. My contracts have very generous usage rights and you will never have an issue using the work however you want, wherever you want, in perpetuity just as long as it stays associated with the brand. However, please note that selling the work is prohibited.

To secure the shoot day I ask for a 30% deposit of the total estimate. After the work is delivered you have 15 days to pay the final invoice. All invoices are sent through Quickbooks for convenience.

Absolutely. I am often delivering the same image in a few different crop dimensions and formats. I often deliver files via a link to a Dropbox folder or by WeTransfter.com Please specify what you prefer.

Life happens so it’s best to reach out as soon as you think you might need to cancel or reschedule. If we have a signed contract you have up 5 days ahead of the shoot to cancel or reschedule. If you need to cancel or reschedule less that 5 days prior, 50% of the crew’s fee plus any expenses incurred will be due.

Yes. Travel days are billed as regular shoot days.

Yes, I do. I help brands develop art direction

Absolutely. I have an extensive list of professionals that I enjoy working with.

Yes I do! Please visit my library page that shows the backgrounds and surfaces I have available.

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