Savor the Sweet Moments: Julie Benedetto's Delectable Sweet Photography



Photographer's mood board for christmas decor client. art direction set design props scenic.
Photographer's mood board for christmas decor client. art direction development. new york

For the first set we used a warm beige that read both modern and sophisticated. The room was designed to be versatile and elegant. Marketing towards a younger audience we decided to keep it simple and not too loud. Dressing the set with lots of Christmas lights in the background helped keep the images bright and festive.

For the second set, we chose a medium gray tone for the walls mixed with medium stained oak wood accents. The room could feel like both daytime and evening depending on the lighting design applied. A classic aesthetic was achieved by bringing in a wood fireplace mantel and lots of evergreen decor. Careful attention to detail helps communicate premium products.


art direction and set design for christmas decor. Photographer Julie Benedetto designing sets.
leading home decor for christmas. set design and art direction. westchester photo studio
photographer julie benedetto working on set with client kurt adler in her white plains studio


Over 400 assets delivered and supplied as carousel images to retailers.